Released: 2007 | Label: Stormvox | Rating: 8/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Stormvox

01. Annihilation of All That is Holy
02. Crawling Through the Infinite Fields of Carnage
03. Serenades of Rotten Flesh
04. For Our Name is Chaos Eternal
05. Tear Down the Walls of Heaven
06. And Damnation is Forced Upon the Weak
07. The Innocence of the Three-Faced Saviour

Sweden's Christ-hating machine #1 The Project Hate MCMXCIX is back. The band has never been that easy to put a fitting tag on and it's no different this time. As usual the Swedes blend various types of extreme music and as in the past The Project Hate also toy with industrial themes on In Hora Mortis NostrŠ, but it seems like some of these have been pushed aside in favour of a more direct death metal approach. It can be discussed whether this move works for the better or not as the electronic aspects always have been an important part of the bands sound. There are still lots of industrial elements in the music and these contribute to the many contrasts that are found on In Hora Mortis NostrŠ. The same can be said about the vocal duels between Jo Enckell and J÷rgen Sandstr÷m.

Most of the songs clock in the area of nine minutes, but the music has enough drive and diversity for it to remain captivating. It never feels like the band is stuck in the same place and just starts to recycle everything. Of course In Hora Mortis NostrŠ rely on most of the characteristics that is associated with The Project Hate sound, but once again the Swedes has managed to do it a little differently. The production isn't quite as juicy as previously. It has a far drier feel to it which fits well and gives the songs a colder expression. In Hora Mortis NostrŠ prove in every aspect that The Project Hate hasn't run out of ideas and that they continue to develop. To sum things up I think this quote is still fitting: "The Project Hate might sound like many bands, but there's not one single band that sound like The Project Hate".

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