Released: July 17th, 2005 | Label: Selfmadegod | Rating: 7/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Selfmadegod

01. Let's Hail Satan
02. Piggsy
03. Everywhere and Nowhere
04. Ojcze Mój
05. Pope Died Tonight
06. Sick
07. Why Are They Not Coming?
08. No Forgiveness
09. This is Not Life!!!
10. Divine Integrity
11. Never Gonna Get Me
12. Zamienie

I recently received a package from Polish grindcore label Selfmadegod Records and one of the bands included was Polish grindcore lunatics Third Degree. Style wise the band is comparable to Napalm Death, Lock Up and Extreme Noise Terror. The songs are very energetic and quite diverse. Even though the band often just blast ahead it doesn't sound as one long monotone pummel. But as often as they play fast they go in the opposite direction and end up being really slow. It puts a lot of contrast in the music which makes it interesting to listen to. The band also understands how to put a bit of mood in many of the songs which adds tremendously to the diversity of the soundscape.

Most of the songs on Outstay are very good, but in particular "Pope Died Tonight" and "Never Gonna Get Me" appeared the most worthwhile with their catchy and memorable chorus'. The production is also quite similar to the one on the later Napalm Death albums and yet perhaps a tad heavier. Outstay was a pleasant surprise that definitely made me want to hear more from Third Degree. If you happen to like any of the above mentioned bands then I wouldn't hesitate in purchasing Outstay as it is about as good as it comes.

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