THROATPLUNGER - Weapons of Ass Destruction
Released: March 5th, 2009 | Label: Coptercrash | Rating: 7/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Coptercrash

01. CumShitter
02. You Will Fuck It
03. Too Hot Not to Rape aka: Stabbing Babies in the Dick
04. Woman and Children First
05. My Last Request is for My Cremated Remains to be Shot From a Cannon
06. Backwoods New Jersey Post-Scene Douche Bag: Part I: Hey Man, Want to Come to Jersey and Run a Train on My Dad?
07. Part II: Hey Man, Want to Watch Poltergeist and Jerk Off on Me?
08. Assassinating Aristokids at Wealth Camp
09. Your Bloody Gum Sockets are Ribbed for My Pleasure
10. Burying Your Aborted Fetus in a Pink Hatchet Man Casket, is the Ultimate Insult to Your Juggalo Masters
11. Post-Operation Sex Magnet
12. In Utero Molestation
13. Men Raping Women Does Not Equal Funny, Men Raping Men Equals Funny
14. Fucked by a Booger Covered Cross
15. I Can Only Achieve Ultimate Ecstasy by Spinning Your Newborn Baby on My Dick
16. The Best Advice I Can Give Someone Your Age is to Kill Your Parents then Rape Them
17. Non-forced Homosexual Intercourse
18. XXX Maniak and Sewage Sammich Gang Bang at the Gay Parade
19. Anyone Contributing to this Album is a Talentless Faggot
20. Crystal Meth, Breakfast of Champions
21. Abusing an Escort Because She's Worthless
22. Bro Rape
23. City of Faggots
24. Hot Dog with Veins
25. Mr. Lemke Digs Mr. Schaefer's Homosexual Employee Bathroom Butt Rape Poop Fantasy
26. How to Aqua Dump: Cup Handful of Water, Hold Against Anus, Proceed to Blast Nasties
27. The Lament of Little Johnny PissenPoop
28. Suspending Lactose Intolerant Men over My Tub Whilst Forcing Large Quantities of Milk up Their Asshols so I can Roll Around in Their Diarrhea like the Fat Pig that I am

The music on Weapons of Ass Destruction is the some of the most fucked up and disturbing shit I've heard. If you get offended by things like pussy, ass, poop, piss, dick, drugs and people making fun of issues like incest, paedophilia, gays and other disturbing things then you should avoid Weapons of Ass Destruction as it's not for those with a weak stomach and no humour.

The music is grindcore in the vein of XXX Maniak and Agoraphobic Nosebleed. Like the aforementioned Throatplunger use computer drums. A lot of the time it's machinegun drumming. It's about as extreme as it gets, but the band do vary things a bit now and then. To me it's not so much the music itself that makes Weapons of Ass Destruction interesting as it's the different samples.

Like XXX Maniak and various other porngrind bands the samples take up a lot of the space. I'd say it's close to 50% on Weapons of Ass Destruction. Similar to XXX Maniak the samples on Weapons of Ass Destruction is not just sound bits taken from various movies and the likes. To me that make a big difference as it makes it all fit together. If you're not easy to upset then you should get a good laugh from these samples, I did.

The music itself is conventional and brutal. There's not much that set it apart from so much else in the porngrind subgenre, but to me that doesn't seem all that important. It may not take much talent to do what Throatplunger do on Weapons of Ass Destruction, but the band have succeeded in making the music diverse enough not to bore. This of course again has a lot to do with the immense use of samples, but it works.

Weapons of Ass Destruction is an extreme and bizarre effort that will appeal to few people. I think you have to be on drugs to come up with something as fucked up and sick as this, but I don't care. I sure was entertained the entire 25 minutes.

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