THUNDERKRAFT - The Banner of Victory
Released: 2006 | Label: Blazing Productions | Rating: 7/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Blazing Productions

01. Sun in the Bosom
02. Masquerade for the Blind/Prison of Souls
03. North Inside
04. Mors Triumphalis
05. Matter of Chaos
06. Majesty and Might
07. The Might of the Thunder

I had no idea who Thunderkraft were before I did a bit of searching on the internet. It turns out that the quartet is Ukrainian and parts of the band has been or is also occupied in Nokturnal Mortum, Drudkh and Kolo.

Musically Thunderkraft is a little different from the vast majority of death metal bands. The Ukrainians often use both flute and keyboard to add ambience and life to the music. This facet does give the music a somewhat folk-like feel, but the band doesn't just leave it with that. A song like "Matter of Chaos" has a more electronica kind of feel to it which set it apart from the rest of the effort, but nevertheless it works very well. The speed is for the most very restrained with the exception of a few blastbeat outbursts here and there. Thunderkraft sings in their native language. This does actually work very well and give the music an even more potent and vibrant expression. Another thing that adds to the potent feel of the music is the presence of the bass. It's often allowed upfront in the soundscape and this give the music a chunky feel.

The production has the right sense of balance. It has the clarity and fullness that it needs to do the music fairness. The Banner of Victory was an enjoyable surprise and I'm sure if you decide to pick this CD up you'll most likely feel the same. The Ukrainians definitely have something interesting going on here.

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