TOMBTHROAT - Bloodred History
Released: January 26th, 2007 | Label: Twilight | Rating: 4/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Tombthroat

01. Bloodred History
02. In the Arms of the Lord
03. Hypnotized
04. Here Cums the Pain
05. A Lesson in Fear
06. Resignation
07. Soultrade
08. The Downfall of Mankind
09. Terrorized
10. Dirty Bastards Never Die
11. Bloodstained

My immediate assumption was that this was merely another Deicide-sounding band and it turns out that I wasn't too far of. The music is rather generic sounding death metal. That of course doesn't automatically mean that the songs are bad, but in this case I'm afraid they aren't very exciting. There's not a lot going on to make the music stand out among the vast majority of death metal. The Germans appear to be inspired by Deicide in particular, but also references to bands like Aeon and Blood Red Throne are noticeable.

In theory this blueprint could be interesting, but nevertheless the band isn't able to transfer it into something worthwhile. There's no real catchiness in the songs or anything to set them apart and thus it all becomes an anonymous and tiring experience. Sure there's been put effort into varying the music, but somehow it doesn't really work. Another thing that doesn't really benefit positively to the overall impression is the production which is flat and without any real punch. I'm sorry to say, but Bloodred History is an effort that immediately vanish among the millions of other releases out there.

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