Released: February 27th | Label: Metal Blade | Rating: 8/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Target

01. Swarm!
02. Forever Dead
03. A Funeral For the Masses
04. Multiple Counts of Murder
05. Obsessed With Homicide
06. Sadistic
07. Cannibal Gluttony
08. I Killed You
09. Heading Towards the Butchery
10. A Violent Scene of Death

Torture Killer began as a Six Feet Under rip off, and the similarities are still many. They don't become any less now that Six Feet Under frontman Chris Barnes has joined the band. However, Torture Killer sounds more like something in between Six Feet Under and Bloodbath these days. The musicianship is in top, and the songs are skilfully written. The band has a good ear for combining the simplistic Six Feet Under-like riffing with melody and catchiness. Prime examples of this include the title track, "Forever Dead", "Multiple Counts of Murder" and "Cannibal Gluttony". Moreover Chris Barnes sounds better than he's done in a long, long time.

Chris has handled the production, and he's done a very good job. The sound is heavy, but still clear enough so none of the details seem to vanish. The songs are diverse, but the band still keeps it fairly simple. The references to Six Feet Under are impossible to ignore, but Torture Killer does a far better job, and that's what keep this album going. Swarm! is as far from being original as it almost can get, but when you add the artwork and lyrics together with the music, it's an almost perfect piece of work. If you like Six Feet Under or death metal similar, then Torture Killer is hard to ignore as Swarm! is far better than anything that Six Feet Under have ever done.

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