Released: 2007 | Label: Self financed | Rating: 7/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Trauma Moralis

01. Vaseline Dreams
02. Disfigured by Pregnancy
03. Troll Apocalypse
04. Funky Waste Collection Accident
05. Fatal Error Symptom
06. Olas [Eggs]
07. Outbreeding the Malformed
08. In Flames
09. Necroflex
10. Kugisi [Ships]
11. Die For Me
12. Herbal Madness
13. Born in a Hippie Family
14. Pulverised
15. Wind Box Song
16. Harmonica Song

Wauw, this is definitely somewhat different. The music is fairly odd grindcore added a good dose of bizarre humour. The Latvian trio doesn't seem to take things too seriously, but nevertheless the music is incredibly catchy. Trauma Moralis blend all kinds of music like funk, rock, stoner, death and off course grindcore and the result are convincing. Even a bit of harmonica finds it way into the music. The songs are not the most brutal type of grindcore. Sure there are other bands that work with similar ideas, but Trauma Moralis appears to have found somewhat of a niche within this style. The growls sound like something in between a pig and a frog. It suits the music and contributes to the comical side of the music.

Like with most grindcore the songs not often clock more than two minutes. Most of the 16 songs are good, but there are a few that most of all seems like filler, particularly just before the end of the CD. A downside on Emo is the poor production. It's a bit muddy, although nothing too catastrophic. It would be interesting to hear it with a fat and proper sound. The Latvians have some appealing ideas and with some more work they could end up getting a deal some day.

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