1. Preludium Proelium
  2. Gospel of Netherworld
  3. World Reframed
  4. The Path
  5. Monument of Hypocrisy
  6. In the Name of Chaos
  7. Manifestation of Denial
  8. Black Accomplishment
  9. Rebirth
  10. Godkilling Coup de Grace
UNDERDARK - In the Name of Chaos

GENRE: Death metal
LABEL: Psycho Records
YEAR: January 20th, 2010

RATING: 5/10
PROVIDED BY: Psycho Records

Kudos to the Polish four-piece Underdark for trying to do something that is different on In the Name of Chaos. That the result isn't too exciting is another story. The band use cello, violin and keyboard in the music. That's all been done before, but it does add some personality to the music as well as diversity. It doesn't hurt either that the Poles get inspiration from classical music.

As a whole the music is diverse and there is many good riffs and parts, but the music often tends to fall short in the slower parts. Most of these are boring and it does wear off on the rest of the music. It's in the faster parts that the songs have strength. Of course it's always a matter of getting the right set of scales when it comes to fast and slow. Sometimes the band gets it right, but often they don't. On "Gospel of Netherworld" and "Godkilling Coup de Grace" it doesn't go very well, but things are a lot better on "Monument of Hypocrisy" and "Manifestation of Denial".

In the Name of Chaos is not a bad debut, but there is more work to be done before things get interesting. But Underdark definitely has something to build on. If you like metal with hints of classical music then In the Name of Chaos may be a CD to give a chance.

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