UNMERCIFUL - Unmercifully Beaten
Released: 2006 | Label: Unique Leader | Rating: 8/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Unique Leader

01. Masochistic Rampage
02. Cast to Flames
03. Unmercifully Beaten
04. Mass Execution
05. Retribution
06. Shotgun Sodomy
07. Legion of Sickness
08. Seething Darkness
09. Catatonia [live]
10. Shotgun Sodomy [live]
11. Legion of Sickness [live]

On the debut Unmercifully Beaten Unmerciful practices a tight, aggressive and downright brutal style of death metal. It's naturally spiced with extreme and blasting parts and rarely do the music slow down or deviate from its set path. It's obvious that the guys of Unmerciful are no newcomers in terms of playing ultra violent death metal and three of the members have also played in Origin or had a short period with Cannibal Corpse. This can be heard, perhaps not so much in the sound, but more in the fact that the unit knows how to take the songs to the extreme. Musically Unmerciful don't deliver anything that haven't already been done one way or the other, but the music is convincing and so it doesn't matter.

Unmercifully Beaten is a brutal feast from start to finish, but the band really tries to vary things and to a large degree they succeed. A thing that plays a role in this is the fact that most of the tracks don't clock much more than two-three minutes. Unmerciful sound the best when they go for full-on extremity like in the titletrack and "Seething Darkness", but the unit also prove their capabilities in the slower "Shotgun Sodomy" which also features Alex Webster of Cannibal Corpse. To push the clock a little more Unmerciful include three live tracks. It's nothing that add or withdraw anything from Unmercifully Beaten, but I wouldn't have missed them if they were not included. Overall Unmercifully Beaten is a convincing debut that promise well for the next to come.

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