V/A - Doomed to Death, Damned in Hell
Released: 2007 | Label: Grindmind | Rating: 8/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Grindmind

1. Obsessed
2. Doomed Sacrifice
3. Necrocannibal Instinct
4. Mournful Cremation
5. Severed Infant Waste

6. Altar of Asphalt
7. Kemono
8. Light in Barrenness
9. Convulsion and Pain

10. The Abysmal Blood Sea
11. Cremate Remains
12. Stillbirth
13. Wasteland of Terror

The three Japanese bands Anatomia, Grudge and Coffins teamed up on this split CD and the outcome is 60 minutes of filthy and evil old school death metal.

The first band Anatomia, dish up with a dose of doomed death that has references to Grave, Impetigo and many other bands from the 90's. The trio has created a bunch of murky songs that all go straight in thanks to the gloomy and wicked feel of the music. The Japanese don't use the big means, actually the music is relatively straightforward, but it's apparent that Anatomia know what it takes to make it sound fascinating.

Grudge is not that different from Anatomia. The music is likewise influenced largely by the Swedish scene and in particular by Grave and early Entombed. As opposite to Anatomia the music is somewhat filthier and the vocals have a more disturbing, almost complaining feel. Grudge don't play superfast, but the band vary their pace enough to keep it vibrant. Grudge is like Anatomia able to create a gloomy feel that is impossible not to like.

Coffins don't sound a whole lot different from Anatomia or Grudge. The trio does also find inspiration in many of the same bands as the aforementioned two and the result is just as simplistic and direct. Another likeness is that Coffins keep the speed at a rate where most can follow. The music is really slow now and then, but it only contributes in a positive way. The trio finish it all of with a solid rendition of the old Asphyx track "Wasteland of Terror".

None of the three bands come up with something entirely different, but they sure know their music and after all that is what it comes down to. This is probably also why I frequently find myself returning to give this split another spin.

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