V/A - Satanic & Violent Metal Aggression
Released: September 21st, 2009 | Label: Psycho | Rating: 5/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Psycho

01. Satanic War Metal
02. Latex Domination
03. Goatcocksucker
04. Welcome to Hell

05. Anxiety
06. Prophet of Pain
07. Skull Trepanation
08. Martwy Za Zycia
09. Embodied Filth
10. Quiescence

11. Intro
12. Lesser Minds
13. Bringer of Death - Bringer of Doom
14. Vestiges of Terror
15. His Empty Shrine

Satanic & Violent Metal Aggression is a three way split CD with the Polish bands Warfist, Exhalation and Mesmerized. Poland has fostered lots of death metal bands so I was looking forward to the three bands on the split CD.

Warfist is definitely not my kind of thing. The band is the Polish answer to Venom. The trio sound like a total rip-off of the aforementioned and it doesn't exactly make the music noteworthy. The four songs that are on this split CD is a boring tribute to Venom. Not at any point do the trio come up with something that set them apart or contribute with anything exciting - it's just one long Venom rip-off, no more, no less.

As opposite to Warfist the next band Exhalation is a little better. The Poles plays satanic death metal and that is probably just as cliché as what Warfist is doing, but Exhalation does at least provide the music with a bit of personality. The six songs are the same as on the bands demo Embodied Filth. I guess this explains the poor production. I miss some juice and strength in the sound. There are some very good parts in the music, but unfortunately the songs don't appear all that strong because of the thin production. The music is diverse, but it never gets really exciting.

Of the three bands Mesmerized is by far the best. The band plays straight forward death metal with a few hints to Deicide. The music is fast, but the Poles don't overdo it. The songs are diverse as the four-piece mix different things by slowing down a little here and there and adding a bit of melody or groove when needed. The production is fat and compact and that makes a difference. Just like with Exhalation the music has been used elsewhere before. The five Mesmerized songs are the same that was on the split with Sturmgewehr666.

As a whole Satanic & Violent Metal Aggression is a middling split CD. It's a CD that has its interesting parts, but definitely also its weak spots.

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