V/A - Supreme Brutal Legions 2
Released: 2007 | Label: Vrykoblast | Rating: 3/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Vrykoblast

01. Revenge to Capitalism
02. Desperate Death
03. Cruel Recollection
04. Revenge to Capitalism [live]
05. Retaliate Against the Pain [live]

06. Pissing Pus
07. Chainsaw Impalement
08. Vomit
09. Infesdead
10. Born of the Nephilim

11. Permanently Insane
12. Perfectly Executed
13. Collection of Butchery in My Tool Shed
14. To Cut Your Arteries...
15. ...To See You Suffer is Why I Live!

This three way split CD was originally released by the Indonesian label Disembowel Records, but it has now been licensed to Vrykoblast Productions. First up on this split release is the Japanese deathers Infected Malignity. Infected Malignity play US styled death metal. It's clear that the songs featured here isn't exactly the latest from the band and it's very noticeable that Infected Malignity have come a long way since. The music is heavy and brutal, but not very varied and it quickly becomes somewhat one-tracked, but nevertheless the Japanese are still the most interesting of the three.

Next up is Malebolgia. I've not heard anything from these guys in a long time and it also turns out that the music on this split is far from being new. It's obvious that we're dealing with demo material. The sound is poor and it sure doesn't benefit the music at all. The music itself is anything but convincing. The style is very standard sounding death metal and Malebolgia don't create anything that stands out. Overall the songs are just too anonymous and alike.

The third and last band is Indonesian two-piece Tragical Memories. The music is a predictable doze of US styled death metal, but the most obvious problem is the one-tracked growls. They spoil a lot more than they add and it's actually a shame as the band do create music that is fairly credible. The songs are varied, but without impressing too much. With a few exceptions Supreme Brutal Legions 2 is not a very interesting effort and I wouldn't recommend it, unless you're already a fan of any of the three bands included.

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