V/A - Tribal Convictions Assault vol. 1

GENRE: Death / black metal
LABEL: Psycho Records
YEAR: 2011

PROVIDED BY: Psycho Records

Tribal Convictions Assault is a compilation put out by the Polish label Psycho Records. Most of the bands on the compilation have put out music via Psycho Records one way or the other. The music is mostly death metal in one form or the other with the exception of Fire Breathing Machine which play what I'd say is almost hard rock. Some of the bands use bites and pieces of black metal or thrash metal to spice the music up a bit.

The quality of the songs varies both in terms of song-writing and sound. The songs by Black Mad Lice, Intestinal and Exhalation are the best, but Empatic and Warpath are not bad either. On the opposite the sound on the songs by Fornication, Warfist and Bloodthorn is really bad and messy.

I'm not 100% certain, but it seems that all the bands featured are Polish. So if you're interested in knowing what the Polish death metal underground has to offer these days then the Tribal Convictions Assault compilation is worth checking out.

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