1. March Towards the Dawn
  2. The Revealing
  3. What Lies Beyond
  4. Rise
  5. I Am Alive
  6. Wolf at Your Door
  7. I Am Become Death
  8. Shadow Work
  9. Prophetic Betrayal
  10. As One
  11. Redemption
VILE - Metamorphosis

GENRE: Death metal
LABEL: Hammerheart Records
YEAR: November 15th, 2011

RATING: 6/10
PROVIDED BY: Hammerheart Records

Colin Davis and his partners in crime have been laying low for a long time. I was sure the band had broken up as there hadn't been much activity after the 2005's The New Age of Chaos. In late 2011 the band issued Metamorphosis. Has much changed in the six year gab? Not really.

In my review of The New Age of Chaos I wrote that the music was to a degree inspired by Monstrosity. That's no different on Metamorphosis. Actually it's more obvious now that the two bands both have Mike Hrubovcak on vocals.

Just like on The New Age of Chaos the bass is up front in the music. Usually I like that, but on Metamorphosis it seems to be on the expense of the guitars. The guitars seem to be a tad too low in the mix, just as it were on "The New Age of Chaos". It does water the music out a bit.

It's obvious that Colin's taste in music has changed a bit. The music overall seem to be inspired by Decrepit Birth and Monstrosity. No doubt that the band has matured in terms of song-writing, but the result is a less brutal and hard-hitting sound. In a way it fits the songs, but I do miss more brutality in the music.

A common problem on Metamorphosis is that some of the songs tends to sound a bit too much the same, songs like "The Revealing", "What Lies Beyond" and "Rise". It's like many of the riffs and drum arrangements has been recycled. The band is to some degree able to get away with it, but it is difficult not to notice. The production doesn't exactly make things better. It's tends to be kind of flat and dry, and that doesn't profit the music.

Metamorphosis is a run-of-the-mill effort, but if you like death metal in the vein of Decrepit Birth and Monstrosity then you can't go wrong with Metamorphosis.

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