US death metallers Vile just released their third CD The New Age of Chaos, an effort that show a more diverse and mature approach than ever before. In conjunction with this release I thought it would be appropriate to ask founding member and main song writer Colin Davis about the new album, the trouble maintaining a stable line-up and his producer work as well.

Colin Davis interviewed by PSL

Where do you think the biggest difference is between The New Age of Chaos and your previous material?
Better song writing. These songs are more memorable with more melody and more diversity within the songs.

I read somewhere that you said people no longer could say you sound like Cannibal Corpse. Has this been a problem in the past and in hindsight were they right?
I think the first album has a few Cannibal Corpse influences. But it's really just a lazy comparison. Our last album Depopulate was more like Hate Eternal than Cannibal Corpse if anything. Cannibal Corpse had an album called Vile, and they wear our shirts and that kind of thing. So I think people get it in their head that we sound like them, but really we never have. I would say Morbid Angel is the closest comparison.

The title does it refer to the change in direction?
It refers to the lyrical concept behind the album. A time of uncertainty in the world with regards to terrorism and Islamic extremism.

The lyrics are they inspired by the war in Iraq?
Yes, and also the recent increase in terrorism around the world on western targets.

How did you persuade Jack Gibson from Exodus to join the band?
He asked to be involved. He is a good friend of mine and when our old bassist was not inspired anymore, Jack volunteered to do the bass and I'm really glad he did!

It appears as if you have a bit of trouble maintaining a stable line-up. Do you consider Vile a complete band or more of a studio band?
It's a solid entity because I am the main songwriter and inspiration behind the music. So no matter what the line-up is, it will always be Vile. But yes, its been hard to find a stable line-up where I live in California.

You chose to record the album in Trident Studios. Was this the most obvious choice since vocalist Juan Urteaga own and run that studio?
Actually we recorded the album at my studio. I run a mastering and mixing studio called Imperial Mastering. The drums were tracked at Juan's studio and I recorded, mixed and mastered the rest of the album at Imperial. It made much more sense for me to do it this way because I was able to spend as much time as I needed to get it perfect.

You've produced the album yourselves. What made you decide to do that instead of getting someone from the outside?
In the past, Juan and I have split the production duties. But now that he is leaving the band for good, I wanted to get the album done in the way I personally saw it being produced. So I produced it myself. I also produce other death metals bands so it's exactly what I do best. I have also produced bands like Origin, Goratory, Impaled and others. I'm not trying to pump myself up; I'm just making these details clear. We don't have the budget to bring in another producer. There are very few people that could do a better job and they are ultra expensive. Colin Richardson or Andy Sneap come to mind, but that's out of the question.

You have your own studio Imperial Mastering. Could you say a bit about that?
Like I said, I do record and produce death metal bands, but Imperial was mainly designed to be a CD mastering studio. I master CDs for a living. But now because of Pro Tools and computer technology, I'm doing a lot of re mixing here and I'm free to record all instruments except drums here. Juan has a great live room for drums, so I can just do the drums there and then finish projects at my place. It's the perfect situation.

Divine Rapture guitarist J.J. Hrubovcak preformed two guitar solos on the album. How did that come around and have you any other guests on The New Age of Chaos?
We had been in contact regarding playing together live for a while. And with the new album, I was the only guitarist. But solos are not my main thing. So I brought in two other guys. J.J. and a local shredder named Marc Pattison. Those guys worked with me to get the solos perfect and I'm really happy with the outcome. It does make it harder for me to play live though. I need a second guitarist that can handle those solos [laughs]!

Are you going to tour extensively in support of The New Age of Chaos?
Yeah, I lot more than before. I plan on doing two European and one US tour in the next year. You can be sure that the line-up will be really pro and we will perform beyond everyone's expectations!

Are you going to use Reno Kiilerich as touring drummer again?
There's a very good chance that will happen. There is a local guy I'm about to jam with and we'll see if that works out. But Reno is a total pro so I will work with him if it's the best thing for the band and the sound of Vile.

James Lee from Origin is he still going to be the touring vocalist on the upcoming tour?
I think it will be Mike Hrubovcak from Divine Rapture. Vile is going to play three California shows in January and then I will know if it all works out with these new members. And if all is good, it will be Mike.

Anything you wish to add to conclude this interview?
I want to thank you for this. I feel like Vile has been held back for many reasons and now I am really excited about this new music, the new tours and members, and I want to get the word out to everybody.

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