1. Bloodsoaked Solution
  2. Savage Gluttony
  3. Eight Corner of Slaughter
  4. Euphoria Through Execution
  5. Ravaged
  6. Coordinated Mutilation
  7. Abide Under Eminence
  8. Sadistic Molestation
  9. Sanguinolency
  10. Intense Convulsions
VOLTURYON - Coordinated Mutilation

GENRE: Death metal
LABEL: United Guttural Records
YEAR: February 25th, 2011

RATING: 6/10
PROVIDED BY: Volturyon

The Swedish death metal band Volturyon has just put out the follow-up to the bands 2008 debut Blood Cure. The music on Coordinated Mutilation is not very different from what the five-piece did on Blood Cure, but on the whole the band has matured in terms of song-writing.

The music is American styled death metal. It's not super brutal or anything, but the Swedes do know how to make it intense. However just as on the debut the music works well in smaller doses, but in larger parts it kind of tends to be a little to anonymous and boring. There are many good riffs and parts, but the real catchy parts are too few. In a way it all just feels standard and not very thrilling.

It's a shame as the Swedes do prove their abilities on songs like "Coordinated Mutilation" and "Sanguinolency", but these drown among other and less interesting tracks. No doubt that Coordinated Mutilation is a step up measured up to the debut Blood Cure, but there are still some way to go before the music gets exciting.

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