VOMIT THE SOUL - Apostles of Inexpression
Released: July 28th, 2009 | Label: Unique Leader | Rating: 7/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Vomit The Soul

01. Prototypes of Values' Incarnation
02. Self Perception Veil
03. Extirpated From Absurdity
04. Overcrowd
05. Apostles of Inexpression
06. Unrecognized Elements Presence
07. Decay of an Inviolable Dogma
08. Inconsistent Delta

The Italian four-piece Vomit The Soul plays brutal Americanized death metal with lots of slam parts. It's apparent that the band has come a long way since Portraits of Inhuman Abominations and that the music has become more tight and complete.

The songs on Apostles of Inexpression are detailed, but not in a way that gets too much. Vomit The Soul shift a lot between the fast and slower, groovy parts and vice versa. It is things like these that make the songs exciting. The music doesn't differ a lot from so much else brutal death metal, but it's not something that constitutes a problem.

The bass is audible and is often allowed some additional room in the music. It works very well and adds an organic vibe to the songs. The vocals are diverse as well as vocalist Massimo Santarelli change between low end growls and higher-register squeals.

Like a lot of other Italian bands Vomit The Soul has been in the 16th Cellar Studios in Rome. It has resulted in a thick production with lots of volume, but in a way so nothing tends to vanish in favour of something else.

Apostles of Inexpression is brutal Americanized death metal done the Italian way and result is most convincing.

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