WEEKEND NACHOS - Unforgivable
Released: 2009 | Label: Relapse | Rating: 7/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Relapse

01. 2009
02. Elevated Tracks
03. Unholy Victory
04. Pain Over Acceptance
05. A Few Blocks South
06. Balance of Power
07. Nights
08. Rejected Psychopath
09. Shot in the Head
10. First to Burn
11. Reason to Die
12. Unforgivable

Weekend Nachos plays hardcore with lots of inputs from death metal, grindcore and drone metal. The music is often slow and heavy with many breakdowns. The four Americans do vary the music and on "2009", "Unholy Terror" and "A Few Blocks South" as the band play really fast on those songs.

Above all the songs are short and Weekend Nachos succeed in making Unforgivable a vigorous and appealing effort. With 12 songs in just 23 minutes things don't get too much or boring. I like that the four-piece go from one extreme to the other in terms of the diversity in the music. It wouldn't be too far off putting Weekend Nachos in the same category as Trap Them or Magrudergrind.

The sound on Unforgivable is thick and dirty. The production has a lot in common with Sunlight Studio and early Entombed. Weekend Nachos may not exactly be death metal or grindcore, but the music have a lot of inputs from these genres and that is what makes Unforgivable interesting for my concern.

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