WHOURKR - Concrete
Released: October 2008 | Label: Self financed | Rating: 7/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Whourkr

01. Mindgerb
02. Antzcrowzing
03. Bore Injektion
04. Santo
05. Skovsnails
06. Slaagt
07. Freugz
08. Squirk
09. Cera Pollutea
10. Gorowatz
11. Groovinbear
12. Tawakitawa
13. Fatrubber
14. Plantea

This is a very different type of music than I'm used to. The French duo Whourkr mix death metal with large amounts of electronica, techno and breakcore. On a song like "Bore Injektion" I additionally detect some references to black metal. The music is compact, diverse and all the time it challenges with its peculiar and extreme rhythms. At first the music felt like disorganized and random noise, but the more I listened to Concrete the better it became. It's not an effort that is easy to digest - it takes some work to appreciate this unusual blend. Concrete is a vigorous effort and Whourkr toy with many different genres and abnormal ideas.

The music goes from the extreme and ugly on "Mindgreb" to the beautiful and ambient on "Santo" and "Plantea". The songs are full of wacky breaks and loops and there's even a bit of organ and piano on "Santo", "Slaagt" and "Squirk". The vocals are peculiar and far from the common growls. Actually everything on Concrete is atypical and bizarre. Some of the things that the duo tries come out really well while other things tend to be less convincing. Concrete is an extreme and challenging effort from start to finish. Whether it appeals to fans of death metal, electronica or both is difficult to say, but if you're looking for something different then Concrete is worth a closer look.

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